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Thanks for visiting our website. Sorry for many language mistakes on the website. My norsk is improving :) 

I started in July 2017. My main focus of building this was to bring high quality outdoor gears with affordable price to you, Norwegian users.

What I do to guarantee high quality is to test all the products myself, inspect and study them as much as I can on what would fit and what wouldn't fit with Norwegian standards. I promise to put your satisfaction at highest priority, if you don't like the product, you can return it to me or change to other gear.

The first product lines I am focusing on at this moment are ultralight gears. As our motto says "Pakk Lett, Opplev Mer", we want you to enjoy the nature to the fullest. Every gram we save you here is every gram you can take off your shoulder on miles and miles hiking to come. 

All the gears are much lighter than what you usually see in other shops. Or if they are at the same weight, my gears should be half of the price. But it doesn't mean half of the quality, just mean that you actually don't have to pay for the distributors, the expensive marketing campaigns, the physical store rental, and the staff needed on the big stores. Me and my wife are still the only employees of this store :)  

God tur !



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